Parishes Within Lewisham Deanery

Lewisham Deanery is made up of 10 Parishes:

BECKENHAM HILL AND BELLINGHAM: The Annunciation and St Augustine

BROCKLEY : St Mary Magdalen

CATFORD : Holy Cross

DEPTFORD : The Assumption

DOWNHAM : The Good Shepherd

FOREST HILL : St William of York

LEE : Our Lady of Lourdes

LEWISHAM : St Saviour and Saints John the Baptist and Evangelist

SYDENHAM : Our Lady and St Philippe Neri

SYDENHAM KIRKDALE : The Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord

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Mass Times in the deanery:

Monday to Friday

9.00am: The Assumption

9.15am :St Augustine,Holy Cross(except Fri :8pm),The Good Shepherd(except Thur 10am),

              St William of York

9.30am: St Mary Magdalen,Our Lady of Lourdes(except Tues 7.30pm),ST Philip Neri(no                         mass on Thurs),St Philip Neri

10am & 6.30pm : St Saviour(except Fri 6pm)

Saturday (Vigil)

6.00pm: St Augustine,Kirkdale

6.30pm: St Mary Magdalene,Holy Cross , St William of York,Our Lady of Lourdes,St Philip Neri,


8.00am: St Augustine,

8.30am: St Mary Magdalene,St Saviour

9.00am: The Assumption,Our Lady of Lourdes

9.15am: The Good Shepherd

9.30am : St William of York,St Philip Neri ,Kirkdale

10.00am: St Mary Magdalene, Holy Cross,St Saviour

10.30am: St Augustine

11.00am: St Mary Magdalene,The Assumption,The Good Shepherd,Our Lady of Lourdes,

                St Philip Neri,Kirkdale

11.30am: Holy Cross,St William of York,St Saviour

5.30pm : St Saviour

6.30pm: The Assumption

Lewisham Deanery

Rev. Father Douglas Bull
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